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Okay I’m in need of someone knows how to read astrology birth charts!! If you’re just going to say ‘astrology is bullshit’, ya bore me, I had to ask my mum when I was born for this! Help a sista find her strengths

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Your Friendly, Baseline Explanation of the 12 Houses of Astrology

Connected to the sign Taurus ruled by Venus, the second astrology house rules over your values and material goals. In the natal chart, it also governs income, natural talents, wealth and how you feel safe. Because what you own is not only material, this house also rules over our comforts, abilities and needs. It not only dictates how you view money and helps you define a livelihood, but also drives to what you value over material items. With a focus on travel and mental agility, the third house is ruled by Mercury and related to the sign Gemini. In natal charts, it speaks to your strongest desires and the way you meet your obligations. Because it rules over fundamental education and communication, it reveals your ego through what you are born into along with day-to-day happenings. Lastly, the third house rules siblings, relatives and with whom you get close. The fourth house represents how and where your soul is centered and feels grounded. Because it is ruled by the sign Cancer and the Moon, it dictates what has shaped a person into who they are and what kind of parent you could be. Who and what appears when you close your eyes is the fourth house’s reality.

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